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WE DO.....

  • Confirm ALL bookings in writing
  • If requested in our terms of booking, have a Reserve Price meeting with yourself and the Seller whilst at the same time inspecting the property
  • Only deal with Real Estate Agents as they are our clients!
  • Ask you to provide pertinent information relative to the property well prior to Auction Day to determine all paperwork is in order and complies with the REIWA Auction Code of Conduct
  • We liaise with you throughout the marketing period and, for your convenience, we are available for telephone discussions at anytime
  • Arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the auction and meet with Sellers to fine tune reserve pricing as well as identifying any known buyers and last minute questions
  • Ensure an "on-time" commencement to your auction
  • Communicate a professional introduction of yourself plus an excellent resume of the property highlighting its features and benefits
  • Deliver an outstanding and articulate auction call for all to enjoy, bringing enthusiasm to participate in the process and regardless of outcome, they will remember you when it comes time to sell
  • Conduct "On The Floor Negotiations" with the Alpha Bidder and the Seller in order to give both parties the opportunity to place the property " ON THE MARKET TO SELL!"
  • Authorise sale contracts on behalf of the Seller
  • Conduct an "immediate post-auction debrief" with the Seller to assist in placing the property at a saleable level for conditional buyers in the event the property is passed-in
  • Give you a courtesy follow up call within 15 days post auction day should the property not have sold "Under The Hammer", as many will sell within this period to conditional buyers ...... We'd like you to be a part of the tomeszeauctions.com 89% sale success rate!